ACT Preparation Test: Everything You Need To Know

The American College Testing, commonly referred to as ACT, is one of the most popular tests that is used in the United States. The test is usually standardized for college students for admission. Before the admission board in a university or a college decides on which candidates to join their institution, they must first pass in the ACT entrance exam. Ideally, the test is standardized in such a way that it is the same everywhere in the United States, but even then, the score access, instructions for registration, among other minor details, differ from one county to another. As a matter of fact, the ACTs have on many occasions been used to determine course placement, and scholarship awards.

The Amazing Benefits of Taking ACT Test

Has it ever occurred to you what the fuss about ACTs is all about? Well, one thing is for sure: it is worth the sleepless nights of studying! The following benefits should motivate you to go ahead and sit the tests.


They are an added advantage: One, most universities will expect the incoming students to have taken the tests. For the ones that do not deem in compulsory, you will be favored in your applications as the tests give an impression of a dedicated and ready student.


You can retake them: Who wouldn’t welcome a second chance with open arms? If at any point you feel that you did not reach your full potential in the first sitting, note that all is not lost. You can always retake your ACT and improve your scores!


They give you access to scholarships: With the right strategies for ACT and dedication to studying, you can get your hands on scholarships provided you secure the excellent grades. Exemplary ACT scores will grant you scholarships based on merit.


ACT gives you an upper hand in employment too: Having a thin resume as a newbie in the job market may serve as a challenge. However, good ACT scores will go a long way in expanding your resume, which will give you a better chance of securing that job!


You have an option for multiple choices: Unlike most tests, like SAT, for instance, your chances of getting good scores are high. The reason is that you are given the option of picking the right answer from the choices. If you use the elimination method, you will find that you are brought closer to the correct answer.

As aforementioned, taking ACTs is not in vain. There is a lot to benefit, and that is inclusive of your resume too.

How to prepare for ACT preparation test: A complete guide

As a high school student, it is in your best advantage to start preparing for the Act test quite in advance so that when you are being considered for an admission opportunity in your dream university, there is no reason to hold you back. There being several ways to prepare for this kind of test, here are some of the proved ones to get you started:

Use Study Books

If you are serious about getting into your college of choice, then you need to invest in two reputable study books to help you in your ACT exams. At the least of things, you can start your studies with the ACT official guide, which you can find on ACT’s official website. Your goal is to pick out books with a lot of content and tests from which you can practice on. Find supplementary materials from renowned companies like McGraw-Hill of Kaplan as they are trusted for the kind of quality content they offer.

Familiarize with the ACT Structure and Format

The best thing with ACT tests is that you can quickly grasp its overarching structure, and still use that knowledge in the actual exams because they do not change greatly. Overall, the ACT is marked out of a score of 36, for the different sections. All you need to learn about the structure and format of the test is the number of questions for every section, the format of the questions. Remember that you may have a proper grasp of the content for the test, but without a proper grasp of the style of questions, you may easily be thrown off bus.

Dedicate the recommended time for one section only

Most times students feel like they do not need to use up the allocated time to complete a test to perform well. However, even though you may be a fast test-taker, when preparing for the ACT test, make sure you determine to dedicate the entire time to one section. Once you complete a test, take your time to review the questions one by one, understanding them a fresh, even ‘retaking’ them so you can iron out any simple mistakes.

Check on your pacing

Ideally, the ACT comes in five that is, English, Math, Science, Reading, and Writing. For the different facets, the challenges are different as regards, pacing, time limits, and the number of questions. Understanding these dynamics allows you to prepare for the different challenges amply, and more importantly, allows you to practice on your timing and pacing, based on your experience with the practice tests. Bottom line, do not fret from taking the timed tests in your practice sessions.

Memorize The Instructions beforehand

When sitting for the ACT test, every single minute counts. For this reason, do not waste any seconds reading through the set of instructions provided for the different sections. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the instructions early enough.

Work on your weaknesses

The most important point after mastering all these tips is to ensure that you do not have any loopholes that can compromise your results of the ACT tests. Establish a clear base of your strengths and skills, and where you fall short, begin working on those areas. For example, if your answers are mostly correct but your timing is always off, take more time practicing to fix these issues. You may not be looking for perfection, but the closer you are to turn your weaknesses into strengths, the better your chances of passing your ACT test.

ACT Preparation Test Tips That Will Help You Reach Your Target Score

It is the dream of any determined student to find his way into their dream schools. What does that mean? You have to meet all the qualifications which include passing all the tests availed. ACTs are not just other tests that you are required to pass. They have an impact on whether you will find a way into that school you desire or not. For that reason, you are supposed to approach them with equivalent zeal. It does not have to put you at your wit’s end. The following tips will go a long way in making you a winner.


Prioritize the questions: You will not always have quick answers to all the problems that you will come across. It is for that reason that you need to set up an order in which you will tackle the questions. You can start with the simple ones then attempt ones that are more challenging after dealing with the easy ones. That way, you will be able to save loads of time. Use your time to work on the questions that you are guaranteed of accurate answers.


Use the elimination method while working on multiple choice questions: You will find that ACT will provide you with answers to pick from. The catch is, you have the right answers right before you! How about you use the wrong answers to get the right one. Eliminate them by crossing them off then the right ones will become clearers to you.


Do not leave questions blank: Remember that you have nothing to lose if you do not have an answer to a question. However, you never know! One of your wild guesses could turn out being correct and earn you extra points. If you have extra seconds on you, you have no reason not at least to attempt a question. Give it a shot, and you might be surprised by how much you might be right.


Stay calm: Anxiety could mess you up as much as you may be a bright student. There is no need to be anxious. Ensure that you have had enough time to prepare. Keep your head clear to avoid confusion which might interfere with your points. Also, do not freak out when you come across a question that you cannot tackle. Move forward and work on ones that you can.


Customize your strategies: ACT does have different sections. Tricks that might appear to work well for an English test might not be perfect for a Math test. Whatever you do, remember to remain keen in all the areas.

You need to understand that the tips above are meant to supplement thorough preparation and your hard work and studying. Do not make the mistake of relying on them solely for you to pass your ACT. Study content and get a deeper understanding of the subject and incorporate the tips for it to go well for you.